Initiative for a Palliative Approach in Nursing:
Evidence & Leadership

What is iPANEL?

iPANEL is a group of nurse researchers, practitioners, and administrators interested in further integrating a palliative approach into the healthcare system. The team was created in January 2011 and is funded by the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research.

Members of the iPANEL team share a commitment to enhancing the care of those with chronic life-limiting conditions, a passion for providing quality end-of-life care, and an absolute belief in nurses’ capacity to effect change in positive ways. The program of research is strongly practice-oriented, meant to inform, and be informed by clinical practice.



What is a Palliative Approach?
An approach to care focused on improving the quality of life of persons and their families (in iPANEL the focus is mainly on persons with life-limiting chronic conditions). It is provided in all health care settings. It involves physical, psychological, social, and spiritual care. The palliative approach is not delayed until the end stages of an illness but is applied earlier to provide active comfort-focused care and a positive approach to reducing suffering. It also promotes understanding of loss and bereavement.


If you would like to learn more about iPANEL, check out the iPANEL website.